ROTO PVC pipes

ROTO  PVC pressure pipe is made of unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. It is the established material for the potable water and industrial fluid handling.

Its inherently smooth walls provide superior  flow characteristics, reducing long-term operating costs.

Each twenty-feet length (6 meters) of pipe can be supplied plain ended, with integral solvent weld socket joint.

The Rubber ring creates an easy-to-install push-on expansion and contractions. Our integral-bell joint meets the same pressure capacity requirements as upvc pipe itself.

ROTO PVC manufactured in metric sizes from ø 20mm – 110mmin range pressure ratings 4, 6, 10 & 16 Bar confirming to DIN 8062 standard.



DIA (mm)



110 mm PN – 4
110 mm PN – 6
110 mm PN – 6
110 mm PN – 10
90 mm PN – 4
90 mm PN – 6
90 mm PN – 10
90 mm PN – 16
75 mm PN – 4
75 mm PN – 6
75 mm PN – 10
75 mm PN – 16
63 mm PN – 4
63 mm PN – 6
63 mm PN – 10
50 mm PN – 4
50 mm PN – 6
50 mm PN – 10
50 mm PN – 16
40 mm PN – 6
40 mm PN – 10
40 mm PN – 16
32 mm PN – 10
32 mm PN – 16
25 mm PN – 10
25 mm PN – 16

We manufacture and offer pipes of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R). Owing to the optimum quality of the material used, our PPR Pipes & Fittings are widely applicable in the plumbing and water supply systems. Polypropylene (PP) is a general polyolefin plastic with following specifications that made it useful in the industry:
• Excellent heat and pressure resistance
• Hygienically safe and non-carcinogenic
• Impact strength
• Long-term heat resistance and creep performance • High corrosion resistance These characteristics ensure that PP-R pipes and fittings are ideal for water supply material as it can operate for 50 years at 70% internal pressure. The popularity of PP-R pipes and fittings is apparent from its increasing uses worldwide. PPR pipes and fittings are ideal in areas where acidic water causes quick erosion. PP-R is also suitable for hot and cold water as well as radiator connection systems.

Properties :

·  Non corrosive.
·  Leak proof and frost proof.
·  Non decaying and non-deforming.
·  Non contracting diameter.
·  Wide Variety ranging form 16 mm to 110 mm – to suit your diverse needs.
·  Smooth inner surface thus reducing the operational pressure required by
the Motor/pump.
·  High chemical resistance.
·  No bacterial and moss reproduction within the pipes.
·  Heat preservative and energy saving (no need for insulation)
·  Taste and odour neutral.
·  UV stabilized
·  Non corrosive.
·  Leak proof and frost proof

We are engaged in offering our clients, a wide range of PVC Pipes with best quality and best price in the market. Our range of pipes is manufactured using qualitative PVC compounds, and reduces frictional losses and scaling due to its smooth inner wall. Displaying chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions, these pipes are widely used in adverse environment.

We provide quality PVC Conduit Pipes, which are manufactured using superior quality raw material.
Our pipes are known for their strength, low maintenance, cost effect, etc.


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