Plastic Sanitizing Cabin



100 cm x 107 cm 246 cm Height

How it Works

Each Cabin comes complete with its full-body sanitizing system.

It also comes with a floor bath that can also disinfect your footwear.

It also comes with a disinfectant tank that needs to be filled with the recommended disinfectant.

Once the power cable is connected the RotoTIZER is ready  for use.

A quick walk through allows a sanitizing spray that disinfects your exposed areas



  1. Rust – Free
  2. Light-Weight and Durable
  3. Plus & play design for easy use
  4. Modular – can be connected to add cabins
  5. Collapsible design for easy transport


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The Roto TIZER is unique modular Plastic Sanitizing Cabin. The global pandemic of Covid19 has caused the world to set up new protocols for protection. Keeping yourself and safe is paramount to your health. The Roto TIZER is an innovation developed locally to cater to our ever growing need to stay safe from this pandemic. The Roto TIZER is plastic Sanitizing Cabin and comes as a complete easy to install plug & play system. it has a compact design with attached disinfectant tank and its in-built Its design allows you to easily transport and move from site to site. its modular design allows you to add cabins depending on your requirement

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100 cm x 107 cm 246 cm Height


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