Pipe fittings are components used to join pipe sections together with other fluid control products like valves and pumps to create pipelines. … Some methods overlap, such as the use of compression fittings, but where these are commonplace for connecting tubes or tubing, their use in pipe connections is rarer.

Compression Fitting is the easiest way of joining HDPE pipes. The gripping and sealing functions act only on the outer diameter of the pipes; therefore only one type of fitting required for all pressure ratings. The function of the Compression Fitting is clear and simple. The O – Ring seals well even when pressure is nil because it is compressed onto the pipe. As the water pressure and pipe tension increase, the sealing and grip rings are compressed further into the conical chamber, thus increasing the sealing and gripping effect

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The HDPE pipe fittings can be performed in several ways as described below. It should be noted that based on the type of fittings included in the specifications of the design one should do pipe fittings in different parts of the plan.
HDPE pipes are usually produced with two simple ends. Therefore, in order to establish a connection between the two branches, it is necessary to connect one simple end of a branch to the other simple end with a connection to each other. The various methods used to connect HDPE pipes, accessories and valves, are as follows:

1-    Thermal Butt (Butt fusion)

2-    Thermal bushing

3-    Electro Fusion

4-    Flange

5-    Extrusion

6-    Bolting

7-    Rubber gasket latching

It should be explained that all of the above methods are currently not applicable due to the lack of production of the necessary supplies in the country, but the explanations needed to use them, if produced, are given. The consultant engineer will determine the pipe connection method according to the facilities available at the time of work in the specifications of the design. At the moment, the butt thermal connection is used for the main projects of HDPE piping, and the flange connection is used for special fittings. The contractor is required to provide arrangements, and qualified personnel for any method specified in the layout specifications, and, accordingly, proceed with the connection.

HDPE Pipe Fittings

HDPE Pipe Fittings Adaptable for all piping, these fittings are used on HDPE pipe to change direction, insert a lateral or tee, or simply to cap off an end of a line.

polyethylene pipe fittings

polyethylene pipe fittings are used in all polyethylene pipelines and projects that have been used in some way as polyethylene tubes, and the type of polyethylene pipe fittings will vary according to the type of project. Polyethylene pipes are used in sewage transfer, water supply, fire extinguishing systems, covering cable and gas applications, which will vary depending on polyethylene pipe applications.

Butt fusion

In the butt fusion of HDPE pipes, a special fusion device is used. In this device, you need to place the two branches of the pipe in the same direction. The pipes should be completely clean and free of waste. If the pipe is unshaped from the full circle, tighten the clips on both sides of the pipe. For better fusion, it is necessary to have a double-head straightening machine with the device and the two ends of the pipe to be completely flat and free of defects. Then the two ends of the pipe are placed opposite each other to ensure the apparent lack of a gap between them. The maximum tolerance outside the pipe is one millimeter for pipes up to 315 mm in diameter and two mm in diameter for larger diameters.
After these preparations, the contractor must place a special metal plate containing a heater element between the two simple pipes’ ends and bring the pipes’ ends to the metal plate gradually, so that the ends melt. Before connecting to power, it’s important to be careful that the metal plate is completely clean. After the end of the pipes has melted enough, it is necessary to remove the plate from the pipes, and within a maximum of 10 seconds, the pipes should move slowly and sufficiently to each other to stick together for the melting section of the pipe ends integrate into one piece and a solid connection establishes.





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