Compression Fittings For Roto HDPE Water Pipes

The Compression Fitting is the easiest way of Joining Pipes. The gripping and sealing functions act only on the outer diameter of the pipe; therefore only one type of fitting is required for all pressure  ratings. The function of the Compressed Fitting is clear and simple. The O – Ring seals well even when pressure is nil, because onto the pipe. As the water pressure and pipe tension increase, the sealing and grip rings are compressed further into the conical chamber, thus increasing the sealing and gripping effect.

Names of Fittings 



Reducing Coupling

90 Female Elbow

90 Male Elbow

90 Tee

90 Female Tee

End Cap

90 Elbow

90 Reducing Tee

Male Adapter

Female Adapter

Famale Elbow With Bracket



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