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Roto Toilets

The Roto Toilet Hut is the most modern and convenient ready-to-use pit latrine toilet. It is ideal for use over the Roto-pit-latrine slab to make it a complete toilet system. The Roto Hut is moulded using 100% polyethylene. The rotational moulding process heats the resin until fusion occurs, building high quality, tough and stress-free plastic toilet hut. The computer generated design has produced a high strength, high tolerance product that is aesthetically beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. The Roto Hut is made from UV stabilized heavy polyethylene plastic material, so it is strong, durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The polyethylene plastic material removes the worry of rust and corrosion. Plastic allows for minimum maintenance and easy cleaning. It can be made from opaque material to reflect sun rays or natural material to absorb the sun rays to help heat and dry the unit. It is totally free-standing (no foundation is required), and can be moved from one pit to another once the system is full. It can also withstand rough handling without the risk of denting.


  • Trench shall be excavated to the size of the pit slab.
  • The top of the pit slab will be above ground (preferably protrude approx. 50mm above the ground or as per required specifications).
  • Ensure the top soil is stable and compact so that the slab can be fitted into place

Toilet : Installation Recommendations
Survey: Survey the land for the ideal position of the pit.

  • System should be as far away from habitable buildings as is economically possible.
  • Ensure the direction of entry has easy path access.
  • The soil should be well drained (i.e. not holding water) and stable (i.e not prone to shifting easily) as this can cause the collapse of the hole.
  • Ensure water table in the area is low. It should not come in contact with the hole in any season.


Installation of the Slab

  • Place the slab over the hole. Position so as to have the narrow side of the toilet hole closest to the direction of entry.
  • Place pegs in the holes provided to lock the slab in position.

Installation of the Hut

  • Place hut over the slab, on the slots provided.
  • Ensure door is facing the right direction.
  • Bolt the toilet hut to the slab in the holes provided and the toilet hut is ready for use.






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