Roto tanks:
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Roto Ltd is manufacturing and supplying of best plastic products, base on customers requirements. we supply products with standard base on Rwanda's vision 2020. Targets to full success



Technical Specifications :

1. Low Cost : Roto Tanks have a number of advantages. They cost less than welded mild steel tanks, galvanized tanks, pressed steel tanks, concrete and masonry tanks. Roto Tanks are very economical in the long run.
2. Hygienic: Roto Tanks are made from LDPE/HDPE approved food grade polyethylene material. They are non-toxic and non-absorbent. They do not impart any taste or odour.

3. Maintenance: Roto Tanks are non-corrosive. They do not require painting or any treatment.

4. Leak Proof :
Roto Tanks are moulded 100% stress free. They are moulded in a single piece without seams, joints or welds. These homogenous structures are completely leak proof, hence minimizing losses due to shutdown.

5. Insulation : Polyethylene is a bad conductor of heat. Since Roto Tanks are manufactured with the above materials, they keep water warm or cool for a longer time than steel/concrete tanks.

6. Weather Proof : Roto Tanks have tough and durable outer walls, which are resistant to moisture, chemicals, sunrays, and electric current.

7. Light Weight: Roto Tanks are extremely light in weight and therefore are easy to shift from one location to another.

8. Fitting & Insulation : Roto Tanks can be provided with G.I. fittings for inlet, outlet and overflow. Sizes and number of fittings will be provided to the requirement of each customer.

9. Extra Strong & Long Lasting : Roto Tanks are made from polyethylene plastic material extruded with >2% carbon black to make them long lasting. The ribbed design is to make the tanks extra strong.

Roto Horizontal Water Tanks

10. Double Layer & Lockable Lids
Roto Tanks have a second inner layer for more visibility inside, and also have lockable lids to ensure extra safety.







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