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Roto Ltd is manufacturing and supplying of best plastic products, base on customers requirements. we supply products with standard base on Rwanda's vision 2020. Targets to full success



Q. Are all tanks Rotos ?
A. No. Roto Ltd is the first company to introduce roto molded tanks in Rwanda. Roto is a brand patented and owned by Roto Ltd. No other company other than Roto Ltd could use this brand name. After the resounding success of Roto tanks many companies have tried to imitate roto tanks. However there could be only one Original – The ROTO from Roto Ltd. Hence each time you decide to buy a tank, ensure that it is from Roto Ltd with the logo on it, or else you are taking a chance. Because when you buy a Roto Tank you buy “Peace of Mind”

Q. How can I be assured of the volumes that the tanks offer ?
A. With a measuring tape, a pen and paper you can calculate the volume of the tank. Please follow the steps mentioned in the template attached and you will derive the volume of the tank. Roto tanks assure you more volume than its actual capacity mentioned. Before you buy any tank ensure that you do a volume check and satisfy yourself.

Q. What materials are used to make Roto Tanks?
A. Roto tanks are made from only the highest quality food grade polyethylene. World over domestic, humanitarian, industrial, and community water needs are being stored in Polyethylene containers since several years.

Q. Is polyethylene safe for water storage?

A. Polyethylene has special features that make it suitable for water and food grade storage. It can be further confirmed by visiting Wikipedia website. The third paragraph of the web page mentioned below will clear all your doubts.

Q. Will Roto Tanks make my water taste different or smell different ?
A. Plastics are of many kind. There are food grade plastics and toxic plastics. Toxic plastics cannot be used for food grade applications. In fact, all the mineral water bottles are plastic as well !. However Roto tanks are made from a food grade plastic called LLDPE. Food grade plastics do not impart smell or color to the water that it stores. These have been tested in various countries by the respective FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorities and certified as safe for food grade applications.

Q. Why does only Roto tanks have two layers ?
A. Roto Ltd has always researched to provide quality products to the consumer. Our research led us to develop double layered tanks so as to prevent sunlight from entering the tank. This ensures that there is no formation of algae inside the tank. Algae can form only when stored water is exposed to sunlight. Since Roto tanks have two layers, it ensures that no sunlight enters the tank, preventing the formation of algae and maintaining the purity of water.

Q. Do the tanks have a joint?
A. Roto tanks are made all in one piece. There are no seams or joints in the tank. However all the tanks would have a parting line on the outside which is a line formed during the molding process of the tanks

Q. Do Roto tanks have a guarantee ?
A. Roto’s Quality control department constantly ensures that the customer is supplied with Quality products. However if there has been a manufacturing defect in our tanks, we give our customers a REASSURING FIVE YEARS GUARANTEE. This gives every customer a confidence that Roto Ltd ’s products are of Top Quality.

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